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With the increased mobile adoption, it’s critical for any business to get its applications on to mobile platforms to be able to cater and reach out to its customers. Evolving work patterns & increasing mobile work force further demands enterprise applications to be compatible on different mobile ecosystems.

Whizkids at the frontier of enterprise mobility provides mobile app development services & solutions for businesses to reach out & engage mobile users. We understand & propose mobility adoption on existing business processes to substantially enhance efficiency & productivity.

We also work on function-specific mobile solutions for sales force, office administration, accounting & project management.

Our mobile app developers work with IT, Retail, Hospitality and Education sectors to deliver cutting-edge mobile solutions some of which include:

  • Productivity Mobile Apps
  • Customer Feedback & Loyalty Program
  • Restaurant Waitlist Management
  • In-Room Service & Dining
  • Social Collaboration & Communication Apps
  • Social Learning



After research of months Microtrech Whizkids developed an Unique apps only for schools and colleges. The apps can be used for any schools and college like International School, Regular School, Jr College, Degree College , Polytechnic College, B-Pharmacy , D-Pharmacy, Diploma Courses. Engineering College, D Ed, B,ed Colleges, Hotel Management College, Medical Colleges, Dental Colleges, Law College, Ayurvedic College, and all the colleges and Educational Institutes. This app will remove the gap between the Student / Parents and School/ Colleges. After research we found many apps for school and colleges on with their educational activities but we have developed apps which will complete the requirement of their academic and administrative activity. After research we don’t found such a useful apps so we developed with our own concept. That’s why We say that First time in India Microtech Whizkids Developed such a Unique and useful Apps for Schools / Colleges and all the educational Institutes, it is an offline option it requires Just 2G internet connection to download the data. Once its download the data on device even you can see any time without internet connection. Also its download the data in just kilobytes for no much time or bandwidth required. It has a Built-in push notification options. With synchronized time setting and notification mode and tone options .

Features of Whizkids School / College Apps for Android

  1. Regular News Updates will be provided to the Students and parents at free of cost
    ( NO SMS charges for Schools / Colleges )
  2. Regular Latest Events Updates will be Provided also parents / student can VOTE on the same ( Voting Pad provided )
  3. Facebook Updates Provided
  4. Attendance / Result can be viewed on Apps
  5. Feedback Form Options Provided for Parents
  6. Photo Gallery option available
  7. It Has Push to Notifications ( Student / Parents will get Push Notification on their Mobile device , where they will get push icon its logo on top as well as on mobile desktop to say NEW UPDATE Arrived.
  8. College Logo will be flashed at startup.
  9. it Works Without Internet . Only Internet required to download the updates , once updates are downloaded you can see all the updates without Internet. It works on normal 2G Internet speed ( 3G recommended for Video Streaming )


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