Domain Registration

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A Domain name, such as signifies your own address on the Internet. No two parties can ever hold a same domain name. A domain is truly a unique identifier of you or your company, URL (Unique Resource Locator) as it is known in technical terms.

This unique resource locator when typed in the address bar of any web browser helps find your website or a particular web page among the millions of other websites on the internet.

A unique Domain name is your first step in joining the Internet / establishing a new web presence. We at Whizkids Infotech will help you discover just how quickly you can have your very own web address. The quick and easy process starts by finding a suitable domain name that is available. Make sure that the domain name you choose for your website is easy to spell and be remembered by your customers. This requires a lot of brain storming as most of the names easily thought or spelt would have already been booked by someone in the world.

Let us bring this fact to you that every single word in today’s dictionary is unavailable for booking. You can count yourself lucky if by chance some word becomes available due to non-renewal of the same by its previous owner. Now that calls for some creative approach and Live Pages will help you find the best possible domain.

The basic requirements by I can to register a domain are your address, phone number and e-mail Id. Your name, company name and other contact details are also equally important to manage your domain. After completing the registration process, you can host your website on a reliable web server of your choice. Meanwhile your address, e-mail and phone number gets published in the public WHO IS database which is available for anybody to view on the web.

So remember to get the above mentioned details in place before you contact us for booking your domain.